What’s a Coal Free Zone?

What’s a Coal Free Zone?

Good question! There happen to be a bunch of renewable energy – conservation brainiacs on Vashon and we’ve been haunting them for ideas and a plan. So far this is what we’ve put together.
A Coal Free Zone is any residence, neighborhood, business, or community that combines enough investment in conservation and renewable energy generation that they no longer create a demand for coal-fired power.

Therefore, your household has a couple of ways to become a Coal Free Zone. We are hoping you’ll do everything you can, including organizing your friends. Here are the steps:

Become “Energy Wise” to Save Money and Create Green Jobs in Our Community

One of the great videos at WisEnergy diy section

Check out WisEnergy- an amazing project to help you get your home weatherized. With a goal of 200 island homes a year – whether you are a diy type or ready to hire others, WisEnergy will help you get an energy audit, learn about rebates and tax credits, and learn what you can do to make your home more comfortable, healthy and efficient. WisEnergy is even working to organize an innovative lending program to help you finance a weatherization that will painlessly pay for itself! Learn more at their great website
As we invest in our homes, we invest in our neighbors. Take the money that would have gone to pay for coal-generated power (or other dirty source such as oil) to heat a wasteful, drafty house and redirect it to islanders eager for meaningful work. Qualified local contractors can weatherize our homes, replace old heating systems, or upgrade our lighting and We All Win!
Support Renewable Energy here and around the region.


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